The best crm software for 2023

Best CRM Solutions for Small Businesses 2023 [ Best CRM of 2023


A list of the best CRM software will empower you to manage customer data, interactions, and processes the way you want. It will keep all data protected. It will allow you to capture potential customers online through an integrated contact form.

Leeds that were captured in other forms can also be automatically inserted. will allow you to import leads from various tools.

What is the best CRM?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a solid and popular choice across the CRM market. It comprises 3 main components: Dynamics for Marketing, Dynamics for Sales and Dynamics for Customer Service.

Together, the apps provide extensive functionality, enabling  automation of routine sales, marketing, and customer service tasks  and streamlining your interactions with prospects and customers.

One of the key features of Dynamics 365 is the centralization of customer data, which can help you develop a deeper understanding of your needs. Dynamics 365 CRM provides  AI-enhanced insights.

Automation features help you organize and optimize workflows based on customer behavior and response to your marketing campaigns. Additionally, Dynamics 365 CRM offers several customizable templates, ranging from email templates to customizable landing page templates, that help automate different aspects of your customer interactions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers 2 complete suites based on the required functionality:

Customer participation plan  for $115 per user/month.
Plan Dynamics 365 for $210 per user/month.

You can purchase the  Dynamics modules separately  :

  • Sales  : From $65 per user/month.
  • Marketing  : Starting at $1,500 per month/10,000 contacts.
  • Customer Service  : Starting at $95 per user/month.

Available implementation  : Cloud, local or hybrid.

HubSpot CRM

In today’s competitive market, HubSpot is one of the most popular and widely used CRM tools. It has created a huge impact on its clients with its powerful mechanism and capabilities. It has a  plan with free tools  and this attracts most of the customers.

  • Start  : €36.80/month.
  • Pro  : €368/month.
  • Company : €1,104/month

The prices indicated are for annual billing, which have a discount compared to the monthly payment.

Features  :

  • It gives you customization, task board, and helps sync up the marketing department.
  • It allows integrations with the website, mail and telephone.
  • Help manage the sales funnel with full visibility.
  • It logs every activity automatically and you can see all your contact information in one place.

Best CRM for Small Businesses – #1 Selling CRM in the US



In today’s market, SugarCRM is one of the emerging customer management tools serving thousands of businesses that require good sales and marketing management.

SugarCRM is quite impressive with a variety of communication options that it offers at a decent and affordable price. It also gives your Customer the flexibility to choose the deployment method.

Empresas que usan SugarCRM : Coca-Cola, CA Technologies, Dassaul System, Linder, Loomis, LUEG, Marathon, Reebok, the List, Ticomix, VMware, Zenoss, etc.

The price  :

  • The Sugar  Professional plan is  $40 per user/per month (minimum 10 users), billed annually.
  • The Sugar  Enterprise plan is  $65 per user/per month (minimum 10 users), billed annually.
  • The Sugar  Serve plan is  $80 per user/per month (minimum 10 users), billed annually.
  • The Sugar  Sell plan  costs $80 per user/per month (minimum 10 users), billed annually.
  • The Sugar  Market plan  is $1,000 (unlimited users, 10,000 contacts per month), billed annually.

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Best CRM for Small Businesses – #1 Selling CRM in the US

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