Gates Cambridge Scholarship to study a PhD in the United Kingdom

The Gates Cambridge program began in 2000, when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation made a donation to the University of Cambridge. Since then, nearly 80 scholarships are awarded to international students each year. The support covers the entirety of studying there, which has been valued at £20,000 a year, including tuition and board , plus the possibility of additional funding. This financial support lasts up to 4 years. Additionally, the expenses of immigration procedures, the required medical expenses insurance and child support are covered.

Below are the requirements to apply for this scholarship:

  • Be a foreign citizen to the United Kingdom
  • Apply to one of the eligible programs at the University of Cambridge :
  • PhD (full-time and part-time)
  • MLitt Full-time (Master of Arts)
  • Postgraduate course lasting one year (full-time)

The committee in charge of selecting the scholarship creditors checks that the applicants meet 4 fundamental criteria to be part of the program:

  • Academic excellence
  • Reasons to choose a postgraduate degree in Cambridge
  • Commitment to improve the lives of others
  • Leadership

To apply,  applicants must submit their application through the institution’s website. 

There are two deadlines for registration. For citizens and residents of the United States, the deadline is October 11, 2023, while for all other countries the date falls between December 5, 2023 and January 4, 2024, depending on the chosen PhD. . 

To date, the program has awarded 2,080 scholarships to students from 104 countries around the world, with currently 250 scholarship recipients at the University of Cambridge.

For more information, see the official Gates Cambridge program site .

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