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How to show references on a resume?


You may already know who to ask for professional references from your former employers, but do you know where and how to list them on your application? Can I mention a recommendation on my resume? A recommendation, maybe not.

On the other hand, you can show certain referencesfor contact. In this case, we recommend that you display your reference contact in the form: Name, Title and Reporting Relationship (if not obvious) just below the relevant work experience. Being the format of the Curriculum Vitae what it is and often limited to one page, it is difficult to show the text of the person's recommendation.

Please indicate the possible presence of a recommendation as follows: “Reference available upon request: Alex Guichard, Director of Marketing”. Another option (the most common), indicate at the end of the CV only a more generic text such as: “references and recommendations available on request”. This type of formula indicates to the recruiter your openness and the availability of contacts that prove your professional experience and/or specialization.

When reading this sentence, it is very likely that your contact will ask you for their contact information. In the context of recruitment, it will almost always be necessary to provide professional references, especially if you are posing as a recruitment company. The reason ? The references communicated by the candidates allow the recruiters to validate their professional experiences, skills and learn more about their know-how through exchanges with people who have worked with them in the company.

Carrying out reference checks is part of the obligations of means, diligence and prudence of the recruitment companies. It's a commitment to clients, on whose behalf hires are made LinkedIn ReferralWant to give your recruiter direct access to some of your referrals and recommendations? Invite them to view your LinkedIn profile.

The professional social network does offer interesting options to show professional references and obtain recommendations by skill. They appear after each work experience and usually in the section at the bottom of the profile.

It's unlikely that your recruiter will be limited to this question of your qualities and skills, but it can be a good start. Should your references be mentioned in a cover letter ?of presentation? Except in the event that one of your contacts (for example , a previous professional relationship) has recommended that you apply to the company and asks that you cite their name when you submit them to support your application. However, you can always include a letter of recommendation from a former co-worker or supervisor in your cover letter.

It is always interesting for a recruiter to have this type of document in his file, although he certainly seeks to confirm its content by asking in any case the contact details of his previous collaborators.

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