International companies that hire MBA graduates

What are the companies that hire MBA graduates? There are many international companies that hire professionals with MBA degrees. The main reason for the interest of a wide variety of business organizations in recruiting MBA graduates is because training in Business Management is considered highly valuable for occupying leadership and management positions. In this article, you will discover some of the most prominent international companies that hire professionals who have an MBA ( Master of Business Administration ) degree.

10 companies that hire MBA graduates

An MBA master’s degree is one of the most popular postgraduate degrees in the world since it has a wide variety of professional opportunities . It is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of business management. The main objective of an MBA program is to prepare participants to be able to perform leadership roles in companies that operate in different industries and/or sectors of activity.

The demand for professionals with an MBA degree has increased in recent years in companies of all types, both locally and internationally. There are a variety of reasons why companies prefer to hire MBA graduates , but generally it is due to their high qualifications for business management and direction .

These companies offer exciting and challenging opportunities for MBA-trained professionals. Furthermore, it is common that once recruited, they are offered to undergo other specific professional development and growth programs. Additionally, most multinational companies offer attractive salaries and other professional benefits in order to attract and retain top talent.

Some of the most prominent international companies that hire MBA graduates are:

1. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is one of the largest and most respected consulting firms in the world. It regularly hires MBA graduates from the best business schools in the world. The company’s business model is to provide strategic and financial advice to companies in a wide variety of industries. For this reason, professionals trained in MBA business management and administration are essential to successfully provide their services.

McKinsey & Company highly values ​​academic excellence, leadership skills and critical thinking among job candidates. Therefore, the preferred candidates to occupy senior and managerial positions in their offices around the world are men and women who have studied an MBA for their ability to analyze data and develop strategic plans with the aim of improving company performance. .

2. Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Boston Consulting Group is another consulting company with a global presence that employs thousands of MBA professionals around the world. The company specializes in the design and development of business strategy, innovation and operations plans .

The mission of this international company is to help companies find ways to increase the efficiency and performance of their operations. Professionals with MBA training are valued at BCG for their ability to analyze data and make informed decisions, as well as their ability to lead teams and projects.


Microsoft is a company that leads the ranking of the best companies in the technology sector . The multinational is one of the main recruiters of MBA students from the most prestigious business schools in Spain or other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom or France.

Microsoft values ​​MBA graduates’ experience and ability in business development. For this reason, it seeks professional profiles interested in working in the development and implementation of businesses and/or new technological products/services.

4. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is one of the leading companies in the financial and investment banking sector and employs thousands of professionals in countries around the world. The company is primarily engaged in advising on financial matters. Its main clients are companies and governments worldwide.

The knowledge and skills acquired in an MBA are essential for the success of companies operating in the finance sector. Specifically, Goldman Sachs values ​​MBA graduates for their academic excellence, analytical ability, and type of critical thinking.

5. Google

Google is one of the largest and most internationally recognized technology companies. In addition, it is considered one of the best companies to work for due to its incentive, development and professional well-being policies.

The technology giant with the largest share of the internet search engine market employs thousands of professionals. The MBA graduates it hires are responsible for directing and managing the company’s finance, operations, strategy and marketing areas.



Amazon is another company that is interested in recruiting managers and middle managers who have studied a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Administration. As the largest and most successful e-commerce company in the world, it employs thousands of workers with diverse profiles.

The company has been a pioneer in online retail and has expanded its business by operating in various markets including cloud services, hardware devices and entertainment. As a result of its enormous growth in recent years, Amazon regularly recruits MBA graduates to assume management and leadership responsibilities in the finance, marketing and operations departments.

7. Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble is a company dedicated to the consumer goods sector. With its headquarters in the United States, it produces and markets products from popular brands such as Ariel, Crest, Pampers and Gillette in different parts of the world.

The company is committed to hiring middle managers and executives who have completed an MBA to perform tasks in the finance, marketing and strategy departments in subsidiary companies spread globally. Procter & Gamble especially values ​​MBA-trained professionals for their ability to analyze market data and consumer trends. Also, it relies on these profiles to develop strategic plans aimed at gaining market share with the products that the company sells.

8. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized branded beverage companies in the world . The company continually searches for talent among the most recognized MBA student classes.

The company offers jobs to MBA graduates in the areas of finance, marketing and strategy . Among some of the functions they perform are: analysis of data and consumer trends; development of strategic plans; and project management.

9. PepsiCo

PepsiCo is a company that operates in the food and beverage sector. It produces and markets products from such popular brands as Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Tropicana and Quaker. The company frequently hires profiles who have specialized in business management through an MBA to perform management roles in the areas of finance, marketing, operations and corporate strategy.

MBA graduates at Pepsico are valued for their managerial skills of strategic analysis and implementation of actions , as well as their skills to exercise motivational leadership in team management. MBA graduates usually occupy executive positions linked to senior management and, given that the business environment is increasingly competitive and global, they have an important role in areas related to project management, decision making and strategic direction of projects. the company’s business units.

10. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson produces and markets a wide variety of personal care and healthcare products. The company hires executives who have graduated from a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Administration to perform functions in key areas of the company: finance, marketing, strategy, logistics and human resources management.

Professionals trained through an MBA course are appreciated in the company for their ability to research markets and consumer trends, as well as develop comprehensive business plans . In addition, they are responsible for developing the strategic plans of the company and its business units, directing projects and expanding the market share of their products.

In conclusion, a large part of multinational companies require professionals with MBA degrees for their abilities to direct, plan and supervise activities in key areas: finance, strategy, operations, human resources, strategy, innovation, etc. The organizations mentioned are just some of the many companies with a global presence that frequently hire MBA graduates.

The demand for professionals with an MBA is constant and high around the world, and is expected to continue growing in the future. Therefore, if you are interested in developing your professional career in an international company, and whatever your university education or specialization, studying an MBA at a business school can be an excellent option to achieve your goals, expand your possibilities to obtain the success or achieve access to a management position in an important company.

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