MBA in Europe, the best programs by country

Having international experience, both academically and professionally, adds points and is a great advantage if you want to advance or aspire to a management position. Therefore, completing an MBA at a European university or business school is a goal that many people consider to boost their career growth.

However, although Europe has some of the most prestigious MBA masters in the world, choosing the right place to study a Master in Business Administration requires careful research and reflection.What are the best countries to study an MBA in Europe ? We invite you to continue reading to discover the best European destinations to study an MBA, along with details about the main business schools and the MBA Masters they offer.



Germany is one of the favorite destinations to study an MBA in Europe, thanks to the country’s consolidated economy and its first-class academic offering. Numerous German training centers appear in the rankings of the top 100 business schools in the world, according to prestigious publications such as the Financial Times and QS .

A highlight of Germany is the economic accessibility of higher education. Enrollment in Master’s degrees at public universities is free for citizens of the European Union. For students from non-European countries, enrollment fees are lower than other countries. For example, undertaking an MBA at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management can cost around 50% less than equivalent programs at leading UK business schools.

Career opportunities in Germany are equally attractive. The country offers easy access to work visas and is home to hundreds of multinational companies looking for talent, including giants such as Adidas, Amazon, Bosch, Google, the European Central Bank and several leading automotive companies.

The combination of affordable education and extensive career opportunities positions Germany as an exceptional location for those who want to boost their career by studying an MBA in Europe.

Top 5 MBAs in Germany

  1. WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management – ​​Located in Vallendar, this business school is known for its focus on leadership development and entrepreneurship. It is frequently ranked as one of the best business schools in Germany and Europe in the Financial Times ranking .
  2. Mannheim Business School : The MBA program is highly valued worldwide and is recognized as the best in Germany according to the QS World University ranking . The MBA master’s study plan is oriented towards international business management.
  3. ESMT Berlin (European School of Management and Technology): Located in Berlin, this business school is relatively young compared to other German institutions. Founded in 2002, it has rapidly risen in prestige due to the effectiveness of the MBA it teaches and its focus on technology and digital transformation as key areas of modern companies.
  4. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management – ​​has achieved academic excellence in disciplines such as finance and banking management, and offers an MBA with specializations in areas such as Digital Finance, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


The United Kingdom, with the fifth largest economy in the world and the third largest in Europe, is a hive of activity in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, energy, hospitality and financial services. Additionally, it has one of the most dynamic startup ecosystems , especially in London.

THE vibrant business environment makes the UK a very attractive destination for international students interested in pursuing an MBA in Europe. In addition, the MBA masters available in London receive a high number of applications for admission. This is because it is one of the cities with the most important and innovative companies in the world.

However, one consideration is the cost of training , which has been the subject of concern, especially in the wake of Brexit. Fortunately, there are scholarships such as the GMAT Excellence Award that can cover a significant part or all of the cost of studying a Master in Business Administration in the United Kingdom. It is important to note that all candidates who self-finance their studies are automatically considered to receive these grants when applying to participating business schools.

The 5 MBAs in the United Kingdom

  1. London Business School : Located in the British capital, London Business School offers one of the most prestigious MBA programs in the world, which is in the top 3 of the Financial Times ranking. Student diversity and the focus on developing a type of global leadership are two distinctive features. In addition, it offers students a network of international contacts and a high percentage of post-graduation employability.
  2. University of Cambridge, Judge Business School – is known for its rigorous MBA that combines academic excellence with practical application in the business world.
  3. University of Oxford, Saïd Business School : offers an MBA program that stands out for integrating a deep understanding of business practices with ethical and sustainable principles, all under the prestigious Oxford name.
  4. Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London : Located in the heart of London, it places special attention on innovation and technology. The MBA master prepares students to lead in the digital economy.
  5. Warwick Business School, University of Warwick : The MBA is characterized by providing a strong training in business management and allows students to personalize the learning experience to align it with their career goals



Currently, Spain is proud to be home to three of the continent’s highest-ranked MBA programs in Europe , according to the Financial Times’ Global MBA Rankings . These MBAs are taught by the Business Schools of IESE, ESADE and IE . In addition, two Spanish business schools are in The Economist’s ranking of the 20 best European MBAs: IESE and ESADE .

Cities like Madrid and Barcelona have become thriving centers of innovation and entrepreneurship. In turn, they offer numerous executive and management career opportunities for MBA graduates. These characteristics consolidate Spain as a high-quality educational center with a vibrant job market for emerging talents in the business world.

The 5 best MBAs in Spain

  1. IESE Business School : Based in Barcelona and Madrid, IESE is known worldwide for its ethical and humanistic approach to business management. The learning system used in the MBA is based on the case method. This method fosters students’ decision-making abilities in real business situations.
  2. IE Business School – Located in Madrid, IE is famous for its progressive and innovative vision of business management. The various MBA programs offered integrate digital technology in learning and acquiring a global perspective of the business world. IE offers several MBA formats: international, full-time, executive or part-time and online.
  3. ESADE Business School – Based in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​ESADE offers an MBA that emphasizes innovation and corporate social responsibility. The program is characterized by the collaborative approach to learning and has a very active alumni network at a global level, which favors networking and the professional development of students.
  4. ESIC Business & Marketing School – With several locations in Spain, including Madrid and Barcelona, ​​ESIC is recognized for its focus on marketing and business management. The MBA is designed for the development of practical skills and strategic analysis competencies.
  5. EADA Business School : Located in Barcelona, ​​EADA is one of the few schools in Europe that has its own residential campus. This allows for complete immersion during MBA studies. The learning focuses especially on leadership and development of management skills.


In France there is a collection of world-renowned business schools, offering internationally recognized MBA masters. In the Financial Times ranking , French institutions stand out significantly among their European competitors.

Of the 90 business schools that exist in Europe, more than 20 are located in France or have campuses in the country. Among these is HEC Paris , considered number one in Europe. This prestigious institution, in addition to offering a traditional MBA and an Executive MBA, also offers the Trium Global MBA, designed to train future business leaders with an innovative vision of global business management.

Most of the top French business schools are located in Paris. However, for those students who prefer a more idyllic environment like the French Riviera, Nice is home to the EDHEC Business School. Founded by and for entrepreneurs, EDHEC specializes in postgraduate programs focused on business management and direction, for those seeking a balance between receiving rigorous academic training and enjoying quality of life.

The 5 best MBAs in France

  1. INSEAD : It is considered one of the best business schools in the world, along with IESE in Spain and London Business School. INSEAD has a campus in Fontainebleau, near Paris. The MBA attracts a diverse group of students, with more than 90 nationalities represented, who enrich the learning experience with a variety of cultural perspectives. In addition, INSEAD distinguishes itself by promoting the development of a type of intercultural leadership and by teaching how to formulate business strategies with global reach.
  2. HEC Paris – Located on the outskirts of Paris, HEC is one of the most recognized business schools in Europe. It offers an MBA recognized for promoting excellence and innovation, as well as specializations in areas such as finance, strategy and transformational leadership.
  3. ESSEC Business School : With campuses in Cergy, near Paris, and in Singapore, the MBA masters are customizable, so students can largely design the training according to their interests.
  4. EDHEC Business School : Located in Lille, with an additional campus in Nice, EDHEC EDHEC specializes in imparting advanced knowledge of finance. The school’s mission is to train students with practical and realistic methods.
  5. ESCP Business School : It is the oldest business school in the world, founded in 1819. ESCP operates on six European campuses, including the one located in Paris. The MBA stands out for the multinational approach of the study plan and allows students to acquire knowledge in different business cultures.

After learning about the best MBAs in Europe, it is time to explore the exceptional options that Spain offers. Our country is home to a wide network of business schools and universities that offer high-quality MBA programs, distributed throughout various regions. Mostly, they have the power to transform your professional profile and propel your career to new heights. To help you on this path, we invite you to visit this website specialized in Master of Business Administration and Management, MBA Guide .

Here in MBA Guide you will find complete information about these studies, including:

  • What is an Executive MBA ? and delves into the features and benefits of this type of program. We tell you that it is an MBA designed for experienced professionals who seek to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • The best MBA programs in Spain and discover a wide selection of excellent MBA programs, located in various cities in the country.
  • Options to study an MBA beyond Madrid and Barcelona. If you do not live in these large cities, discover the attractive alternatives of the best MBAs in Valencia or the programs available in other regions such as the Basque Country, Asturias or Galicia

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