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The best free crm 2023 - HubSpot's

The free CRM in Spanish that everyone can use

Do you think that CRM systems are only good for managing contacts? It is not like this.  CRM has tools for your entire team, and it's totally free. We tell you how this CRM doesyour job easier.

Get the CRM for free

100% free. No credit card required.

  • sales managers

  • sales executives

  • Marketers

  • Customer service teams

  • operations managers

  • business owners

CRM for sales managers

HubSpot's CRM is very easy to use. Never again will you have to manually update reports or wonder how your team is managing their sales goals. You will be able to dedicate yourself to what is most important to you.

  1. Observe your sales activity in real time

    Use visual dashboards to see an up-to-date and organized overview of your entire sales system.

    With detailed reports on sales activity, productivity, and individual performance, you'll always be on top of how each member of your team is performing and have all the information you need to guide them to success.

    The best thing is that you can enjoy unlimited users and data, and up to a million contacts with no time limit or expiration date, regardless of the size of your team.


Looking for advanced CRM features?

HubSpot's CRM platform also offers business software for marketing, sales, help desk, content management, social media, and operations. You'll get the premium versions of all the free features we show you here, and much more.

  1. Give your sales team time-saving tools they will actually use

    Give your sales team the tools to close more deals with less effort and eliminate process interference.

    Your contact records will automatically have data from more than 20 million companies. Plus, sales reps will have all the context they need to follow up on their leads right, at the right time, with notifications every time a prospect opens an email or visits the website.

    Communicating with prospects or leads is easier than ever with free meeting scheduling, live chat, email templates, click-to-call, and more.

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