MBA masters in Spain maintain their popularity and have experienced constant growth in recent years, both in applications for admission and in the number of graduates. The Master’s in Business Administration and Management (MBA ) have become the cornerstone of advanced training in business management , while at the same time being the studies that most accelerate professional development. In this context, and having a clear vision of what an MBA is and what this degree implies, here you will find a list of the 10 best MBAs in Spain, selected from an exhaustive study of the available offer.

The research on the best MBAs in Spain has focused on two fundamental pillars: the excellence of the teaching staff and the quality of the learning experience . Furthermore, in this article on MBA ranking in Spain , we invite you to discover the following aspects of each program: the skills developed, the methodology used, the differentiating features and information about the price of each MBA.

Classification criteria for the MBA Spain ranking

When evaluating and classifying MBAs in Spain, multiple criteria have been used to ensure a fair comparison between the diverse academic offerings. These criteria are fundamental to discern the quality and value that each Spanish Master in Business Management provides. Among the most relevant criteria are:

  1. Academic quality : the rigor of the academic program and the relevance of the MBA subjects taught, as well as the credentials of the teaching staff, are considered . MBAs have also been considered to be constantly updated to reflect the changing dynamics of the business world.
  2. Diversity of the student body : the variety of students of different nationalities, cultures and professional profiles is considered essential because it enriches the learning experience.
  3. Tuition prices : the quality-price ratio of each program, considering in addition to the direct cost of MBA tuition, also the return on investment through salary improvements and post-graduation professional opportunities.
  4. Employability : the effectiveness of the program in facilitating graduates’ career advancement, as well as employment rates and the speed with which students achieve a relevant job upon graduation.
  5.  Pedagogical innovation : how programs incorporate new teaching technologies and teaching methods to improve the learning experience. This includes the use of the case method and the use of new technologies, among others.
  6. Student testimonials : MBA alumni experiences and opinions provide first-hand information about the professional and personal impact of master’s degrees.

The 10 best MBAs in Spain

Discover below the MBA ranking in Spain, which contains everything from intensive full-time programs to executive or part-time options. Each MBA on the list is designed to meet the specific needs of professionals at various stages of their career. You can also obtain an overview of the most prestigious MBAs in Spain in the following comparative list and expand the information in the following sections of the article.

School Price Duration Modality Practices Title
IESE €82,000 18 months In person No Private
I.E. €82,300 11-15-19 months In person and online No Private
ESADE €77,500 12-15-18 months In person No Private
Madrid Chamber of Commerce €10,540 9 months In person No Private
ESCP €83,500 18-22-30 months In person and online Optional Private
EADA €43,000 11-15 months In person and online Optional Private
Valencia Chamber of Commerce €8,580 9 months In person No Private
San Telmo €50,000 12 months In person No Private
Deusto €41,400 18 months In person No Private

1. MBA from IESE Business School, Barcelona and Madrid

The IESE MBA in Spain transmits the essential knowledge, skills and global vision so that graduates can excel in the workplace, both now and in the future. The main international companies seek MBA graduates from IESE Business School for their ability to generate value in any sector and company, anywhere in the world.


  • International rankings . IESE’s MBA program is among the best MBAs in the world according to prestigious economic publications such as the Financial Times and  The Economist. The full-time MBA is positioned as the best in the world according to The Economist ranking in 2021 and the third best according to the Financial Times ranking in 2023. In addition, IESE’s Executive MBA is ranked second according to the Financial Times in 2022.
  • Pedagogical model and international reach . IESE stands out for its methodology based on the case method, which allows students to immerse themselves in real business situations, encouraging critical analysis and strategic decision making. In addition, the Business School is distinguished by its extensive network of international alumni.
  • Networking and personal development opportunities . IESE stands out for academic excellence, and also offers ample opportunities for personal and professional development through networking events, workshops and seminars. These activities are designed to connect students with business leaders, alumni and world-renowned experts, thereby enriching the educational experience and encouraging the expansion of professional horizons.


  • Registration price : about 82,000 euros.
  • Duration : 18 months (part time).
  • Face-to-face modality .
  • Language : English and Spanish.

2. MBA from IE Business School, Madrid

IE offers the MBA Master in various modalities (face-to-face, blended and online) both full-time and executive. The Master’s in Business Management are accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS, prestigious organizations that evaluate the quality of business school training. This triple recognition known as the “Triple Crown” demonstrates that the MBA in Spain at the IE Business School meets the highest quality standards in business education worldwide.


  • Educational innovation . IE Business School stands out for its pioneering approach to business education, integrating advanced technologies and innovative methodologies.
  • Global recognition. The Financial Times has ranked the online MBA as number one in the world and has placed IE Business School’s MBAs in second place for the global salary increase of graduates, according to the 2023 ranking.
  • Student Profile . IE’s MBA masters attract students from all over the world, which enriches the learning environment and encourages cultural exchange.


  • Registration Price : 82,300 euros.
  • Duration : 11, 15, 19 months.
  • Modality : in person and online.
  • English language .

3. ESADE Business School, Barcelona and Madrid

ESADE offers two options (executive and full time ) of the Master in Business Administration on the campuses of the Spanish Business School in Madrid and Barcelona. Furthermore, ESADE’s MBA program offering allows interested parties to choose the most appropriate master’s degree based on their years of experience and professional aspirations.


  • Collaborative methodology and social commitment . ESADE is recognized for its educational approach that prioritizes collaboration and teamwork. Furthermore, it stands out for its strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, integrating these essential values ​​into teaching and organizational culture.
  • Global network . ESADE has a huge global alumni network, providing graduates with connections to business leaders and networking opportunities with professionals and managers from companies located around the world.
  • Program offering. In addition to the MBA in full-time format and face-to-face mode, it offers several MBAs in Executive format in hybrid or 100% Online mode, both in English and Spanish.


  • Registration Price : 77,500 euros.
  • Duration : 12-15 -18 months (full time).
  • Modality : in person, with the option of an international immersion.
  • English language .

4. MBA Chamber of Commerce of Madrid

The price-quality ratio of the MBA from the Madrid Chamber of Commerce makes studying this Master in Business Administration very interesting and profitable, thanks to the high return on investment, whether in the form of salary improvements, greater employability or professional growth . In addition, it is recognized as one of the best MBAs in Madrid and according to the PortalMBA ranking it occupies the No. 1 position after the evaluation of more than 65,000 users.


  • Professional development and growth . The program is designed so that participants acquire advanced knowledge in business management and develop skills such as critical thinking or communication, which are crucial to advance professionally towards management positions in the business field.
  • Practical learning . The teaching method used perfectly combines theory with practice. In the classroom, the exchange of experiences, knowledge and ideas is promoted through the analysis of business cases and enriching debates.
  • Teaching team . The teaching staff is made up of managers, expert professionals and academics who are renowned and highly respected in their respective areas. The experience and advanced knowledge in management and business management of the elite teaching team of the Madrid Chamber MBA provide the necessary tools and skills to identify opportunities, develop innovative management solutions and thus generate a positive impact on the professional future. .
  • Flexibility. The Madrid Chamber of Commerce MBA is face-to-face, but if the participant cannot attend class for any reason, they can follow the session remotely through the virtual classroom. Online attendance cannot exceed 25% of the total program. The virtual classroom has a technical team that helps make the learning experience optimal.


  • Registration price: 10,540 euros.
  • Duration : 9 months (part-time dedication).
  • Face-to-face modality .
  • Spanish Language .

5. MBA ESCP Europe, Madrid Campus

ESCP is one of the best European Business Schools to study an MBA according to the Financial Times . With campuses in several European cities, the Executive MBA in Madrid is designed to adapt to the rapid transformations of the business world.


  • Flexibility. In addition to the different formats in which the MBA is taught (face-to-face, blended and online), the study plan is customizable, and students can choose 10 optional subjects out of a total of 50.
  • Alumni network and corporate connections . ESCP’s extensive alumni network extends globally, offering students and graduates access to international job opportunities. ESCP Business School’s relationships with global corporations facilitate internships in multinational companies and the birth of job opportunities.


  • Registration price : 83,000 euros.
  • Duration : 18-22-30 months (part time).
  • Modality : face-to-face, online and blended (part time)
  • English language .

6. EADA Business School, Barcelona

The various formats of the EADA MBA meet the needs of multiple professional profiles. EADA MBAs are offered in person in Barcelona, ​​Spain. For its part, the Online MBA combines virtual teaching with in-person periods, focused on strengthening leadership and management skills through practical learning experiences.


  • Practical approach and business immersion programs . EADA stands out for its practical approach to teaching in business management and administration. The MBA Master is designed to immerse students in the real world of business, providing practical and applicable knowledge in various business environments.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and access to business leaders . The center has modern and well-equipped facilities that facilitate learning about the world of business.


  • Registration price : 43,000 euros.
  • Duration : 11-15 months.
  • Face-to-face modality .
  • Language : English or Spanish.

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